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Canada by Rail

The Rocky Mountaineer

Seeing Canada by train has always been a great travel option. And it has become even more appealing now, with prices for airline tickets and gas on the rise. The Rocky Mountaineer (www.rockymountaineer.com) offers first-rate train tours (including hotel accommodations) as well as rail plus cruise packages—all focused on Western Canada.

Their single-level, glass-domed coaches put you right in the middle of the most stunning scenery in the Canadian Rockies. National Geographic calls it “one of the world’s greatest trips” and our professional association, the Society of American Travel Writers says it’s “the best train experience in the world.”

Another operator, Via Rail Canada (www.viarail.ca), is also encouraging Americans to explore the country this year. Their trains connect cosmopolitan cities like Montreal and Vancouver with picturesque destinations such as Jasper and Halifax.

We’ve consistently found Canada’s cities and rural areas a pleasure to explore. You might find these travel opportunities worthwhile.

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