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From Fire and Clay

Our interest in ceramics has led us to collect, not only North Carolina pottery, but also ceramics worldwide that have influenced the North Carolina tradition—works, for example, from England, Japan, China, Vietnam, Africa and Australia. One of the best…Continue Reading

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Tropical Cocktail

Panorama of Cartagena. © 2009 Charles & Mary Love

Since we discovered Cartagena, Colombia several years ago, we’ve been enthusiastically sharing information about this charming colonial port on Colombia’s Caribbean coast.

The Spanish fort overlooking the walled…Continue Reading

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Midnight in Paris

Call us sentimentalists, but we loved Woody Allen’s latest movie, Midnight In Paris. The cinematography by Darius Khonndji was a celebration of the City of Light and highlighted landmarks like the Pont Alexandre III, Tuileries Gardens, the Eglise St. Entienne and more. There’s nothing to dislike about the soundtrack, which included classics by Cole Porter…Continue Reading

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Land of Fire and Ice

Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Iceland. © 2011 Charles & Mary Love

Iceland’s recent volcanic eruptions have attracted lots of attention—and, contrary to what you might expect, have increased visits by North Americans by 50%! The country’s beauty is…Continue Reading