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The Falklands and South Georgia Island

St. Andrews Bay, South Georgia © Charles and Mary Love

October 21 – November 7, 2017 

“The stark polar lands grip the hearts of men who have lived on them in a manner hardly understood by people who’ve never got beyond the pale of civilization.”

—Explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton

After two days at sea from Puerto Madryn, Argentina, we make a morning landing to observe birds near a small settlement on Carcass Island in the Falklands. The number of species in the Falklands (over 200) is impressive. These islands, we’re told, have more striated caracaras, slender-beaked prions and pale-mantled sooty albatrosses than anywhere else in the world..…Continue Reading

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Burma Now!

Temples at Bagan, Burma © Charles & Mary Love

This largely unvisited land of Buddhist temples and exotic landscapes, officially called Myanmar, is back in the news!

Improved relations between the U.S. and Burma, signaled…Continue Reading