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Simplifying Your Gear: One Tripod, Multiple Heads

DSLR/video “hybrid” shooters generally prefer to travel with as little gear as possible. Most of them use a single tripod and want the ability to easily switch out between a DSLR ballhead and a gimbal ball head or video fluid head.

To make life easier for these shooters, Really Right Stuff (www.reallyrightstuff.com), the guys with the fantastic gizmos, are offering their new Series 2 Leveling Base Clamp. With a patented lever-release clamp on top of your tripod plus a plate on the bottom of your tripod head (each head needs its own quick release plate), you can easily swap from one head to another. We’ve purchased plates and adapters of one kind or another from these folks for years and have found their products superbly engineered.

Stay tuned—they’re in the process of developing a new fluid head for video cameras.

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