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Mission: The Alley Cat Blog


Naming a blog is no easy task. The name should suggest what the blog is about and, ideally, offer a clue to its personality. Since we write about a multitude of subjects—including travel, the arts and lifestyle—we faced a challenge: What title would convey the breadth of our interests as well as our unique approach? 

Finally, it came to us—a noun we had long ago turned into an action verb: alley cat. To “alley cat” is how we define our style of adventurous, fearless, mind-expanding exploration. It draws on two feline traits: an innate curiosity about what’s around the corner and an ability to sort out what’s worthwhile among many temptations.  We’d found our name—the Alley Cat!

To these traits, we bring a focus on mindful living—our commitment to champion environment friendly practices and to promote and protect the cultural heritage of destinations worldwide.

We hope you’ll join us on our mission to explore the world and make the unfamiliar familiar. Our goal is to introduce you to people, places, events and ideas that have intrigued us, whether they are across the globe or close to home. Through our window on the world, we celebrate the world’s diversity and offer an antidote to provincialism.

Along the way, we offer practical tips that will help you get the most out of life’s journey.

Come prowl with us!

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