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The BookBook
The BookBook for the MacBook Pro

While browsing in an Apple store for a case to protect our new Macbook Pro, we asked one of the “geniuses” for a recommendation. She immediately mentioned a BookBook, then suggested we check them out on-line.

Twelve South (www.twelvesouth.com), a small company based in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, promises “the best accessories in the world for the best computers in the world.” These people offer a line of beautifully designed accessories for Mac users. The BookBook, for iPads and laptops, are hand crafted, stressed leather cases, each one unique, that resemble old books. In addition to providing physical protection, the company asserts the cases also provide protection from “being like everyone else.”  These cases also function as stands.

Also consider the Compass, made for the iPad. It’s a stylish, compact folding stand that also works as an easel. The company, consisting of just 12 employees, promises 12 new accessories a year “as innovative as Apple itself.”

Oprah chose the BookBook for the iPad as one of her Favorite Things for 2010. Our take? The collective imagination of the folks at Twelve South is in overdrive.  We found their products unique, gorgeous and functional. Steve Jobs would be proud!

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