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Featured Image: Monsaraz, Portugal

Monsaraz, Portugal © Charles & Mary Love
Monsaraz, Portugal © Charles & Mary Love

Monsaraz, situated east of Lisbon in the Alentejo region of Portugal, has always been one of our favorite destinations. Perched on the crest of a hill overlooking Portugal’s border with Spain, the small village was, for centuries, a strategic outpost known as “the eagle’s nest.”  We first saw this romantic hill town in the distance.  Gleaming white in afternoon sunlight, it overlooked an idyllic countryside.  Inside the village, we found cobbled lanes connecting small churches, white-washed houses  and rustic cafes. As we relaxed for an evening in a small manor house, locals encouraged us to linger and enjoy the “poetry of the countryside.” Monsaraz is the perfect, tranquil place to chill out, far away from the frenetic pace of the rest of the world.



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