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Featured Images-Santa Fe & Environs


A sunset image of Santa Fe. New Mexico sunsets are known for being extremely vivid, almost surreal, as they color the sky with shades of red, orange and yellow. In this panorama, we were lucky to capture the sunset with a rising quarter moon.


A favorite gathering place for Santa Fe locals and visitors alike to toast the sunset is  the terrace of the historic La Fonda hotel that overlooks the city’s central plaza.


The El Dorado Hotel in Santa Fe is one of the most upscale in the city. It’s owned and managed by the Heritage Hotels and Resorts Company. This outstanding enterprise owns and manages many such properties in the region—and also offers unusual travel experiences that expose visitors to various aspects of the culture of the Southwest.


Santa Fe’s main plaza is often a peaceful place, especially in early morning, to relax. High-end boutiques, galleries and cafés line the streets that border this tranquil green space.


The Plaza Café is a family-run, casual diner and the oldest restaurant in Santa Fe. It’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and offers excellent New Mexican fare with impeccable service,  both inside and on the terrace adjacent to the leafy main plaza.


The Del Charro Restaurant is a favorite Santa Fe hangout among locals. The Tex-Mex cuisine, craft cocktails and service are welcoming.


Shopping is a priority for many Santa Fe visitors, considering all the outstanding boutiques and art galleries here. A search for authentic Lucchese cowboy boots, arguably the best, handcrafted boots in the world, were one of our priorities. This model above is now in Mary Herbert’s closet—when they’re not on her feet!


Exotic craft cocktails are a big draw in Santa Fe’s night spots. Here, at the upscale Secreto Lounge in the historic St. Francis Hotel, the bartender prepares a potent, smoked sage Margarita. The hotel also offers fine dining in both indoor and garden venues.


Santa Fe’s Canyon Road is lined without many galleries showcasing traditional and primarily whimsical contemporary art. Above is one of many al fresco sculpture gardens along the route.


Many sculptures greet strollers along Canyon Road. These you see here remind us of one our many images of classical dancers.


Santa Fe’s Railyard District is a favorite area to dine, bar hop, shop and attend local farmers’ markets.


Ghost Ranch, just north of Santa Fe, was home to artist Georgia O’Keeffe for the last half of her life. The surrounding landscapes, such as the one you see here, inspired many of her paintings.


The iconic western landscapes around the town of Abiquiu feature high mountains, broad pastures. mesas, lakes and rivers.


The Chama River, a tributary of the Rio Grande, winds in autumn through the plains near Abiquiu and was a subject in some of Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings.


The Church of St. Francis in Taos, built between 1775 and 1816, combines Spanish Colonial architecture with Puebloan building techniques. It has long inspired artists such as photographer Ansel Adams, painter Georgia O’Keeffe and many others to capture the bold contours of its architecture.



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