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Scottevest's Molly Jacket

“I travel light; as light, that is, as a man can travel who will still carry his body around because of its sentimental value.” —Christopher Fry, British playwright

For years, airline passengers have struggled to fit valuables and on-board essentials into two small carry-on bags. Smart phone, iPad, pocket camera, flash cards, passport, pen, notebook, snacks, water bottle, sunglasses, wallet, medicines, map and guide book—to carry all this requires at least a small tote, consuming half of your carry-on allowance. Enter Scottevest, an incredibly successful company whose goal is to free up your hands, whether you are negotiating airport security or hiking in the Sierras.

I (Mary) bought my first Scottevest back in 2008. As a photographer and journalist, I quickly realized the value of being able to stash accessories in the vest’s zippered pockets. When traveling abroad I would keep a small wallet  in an outside pocket (for quick access to tip money) and valuable items—phone, flash cards and identification—on the inside. When I discovered that I could put my vest in a bin and send it through the x-ray machine, I was elated. I had just freed up a second bag for heavier gear.

Today, Scottevest offers a range of pocket-intensive clothing, from boxer shorts and button-down shirts to cargo pants and puffer jackets. Instead of outsized logos and ephemeral styling, Scottevest goes for durability, functionality and classic shapes.

New for women this Spring are the Molly and Lola jackets. When I wear my stylish black Molly (pictured above), with its functional epauletes and tie-at-the-waist belt, I feel like Christiane Amanpour on assignment. This jacket has almost as many pockets as my vest (17 versus 22). But it’s dressier, easily going to meetings or dinner. Inside is Scotteveste’s Personal Area Network, a patented system of channels to keep headphone wires in place. There’s even a lipstick pocket. (Sadly, women’s vests and jackets aren’t large enough to fit an iPad, a highly-touted feature of the men’s versions.) The Lola jacket is a quilted puffer jacket with 16 pockets and a cinch cord at the bottom. (Go to their website to view the tongue-in-cheek “runway” show.)

Guys should check out Scottevest’s rugged Expedition Jacket, known at the company as Pocketus Maximus! Charles has found the jacket to be functional and good-looking (it comes in khaki and charcoal)—and suitable for wearing day and night. Its 37 pockets are the most ever on a Scottevest product. The jacket, which comes with a removable hood, is  durable, water resistant and breathable .

Go to the company’s website, GetSeV.com, which features “x-ray” views of  hidden pockets, plus videos starring founder Scott Jordan and  his wife, Laura. They are, by the way, based in Ketchum, Idaho.

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  1. Mary, thanks for the great review! We love the dressier look of the Molly and the more athletic fit of the Lola. We are releasing all sorts of new items for women including a cardigan, cargo pants and a dress! Making traveling across the world or around the corner- easier! Full line of pocketed clothing available at http://www.scottevest.com.
    PS some sizes of the women’s garments fit iPads! Check out the “iPad compatibility chart” to be sure!

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