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Scuba Diving in Florida

Grouper, Palm Beach © Charles & Mary Love

We’ve been diving in Palm Beach waters for some 25 years and consider ourselves lucky to have such great diving close to home! After all, the Gulf Stream and its abundant sea life is closer to shore here than at any other place along the East Coast.

The best dive sites are just a 10- to 15-minute boat trip offshore. And they’re full of exciting, and unpredictable, sights: large schools of multicolored tropical fish, monster-size groupers, lobsters you can take right to your kitchen, spotted eagle and manta rays, large sea turtles—and much more.

The Scuba Club (www.thescubaclub.com), located in West Palm Beach on the Intracoastal Waterway, knows how to do it right. The club offers a fast, comfortable dive boat, one and two-tank dives, state-of-the art equipment for rent or purchase, exotic dive trips and, most important, a professional, friendly and safety-oriented staff.

So consider expanding your horizons the next time you’re in the Sunshine State and take in the beauty below the surface! The short video above provides a glimpse of what to expect. Thanks to the Scuba Club for many diving opportunities and to JD Duff for his video clips of sea turtles.

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