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Travel Industry Flying High!

Now, all of us alley cats are stricken with wanderlust, aren’t we? After all, travel educates us, broadens our horizons, and gives us a chance to relax.

So, it’s encouraging to read this week in a New York Times story by Harriet Edleson that the travel industry (hotels, airlines, car rentals, entertainment venues) is on the mend, that travel-related businesses are beginning to hire people again, and that most entry-level hospitality jobs pay more than the minimum wage. She also notes that the travel industry supply chain is long and positively affects job creation in many related industries. In fact, the U.S. Travel Association reports that employment reached a low of 7.3 million jobs  in December, 2009, and, since then, the travel and tourism industry has gained  224,000 jobs.

A reason to celebrate—and to pack our bags!

For the entire story, read here.

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