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A Force of Nature

Pianoforte Fireworks © 2015 Charles Love

Don’t miss exhilarating Japanese jazz pianist and composer Hiromi Uehara (known professionally as Hiromi)! Her stage presence exudes spontaneous joy, and her incendiary playing excites audiences around the world.

We’ve heard many fine pianists over the years—both classical artists and jazz greats—and Hiromi ranks right up there with the best. She studied classical piano from the age of five. Her music transcends genres and is best identified as fusion—a blend of classical, jazz, pop and progressive rock. In fact, she has said, “I don’t believe in music genres, just music.”

In a recent interview at the Gărâna Jazz Festival in Rumania, she said: “I feel so alive on stage … there I feel the beauty of life. The magic of music is that I can connect with people in a second, without words, and make them as happy as they make me!”

The testimonials have been phenomenal:

“Extravagantly dynamic … A forceful presence on any stage!” —The New York Times

“Dazzling…”  —The New Yorker

“One of jazz piano’s most brazenly virtuosic players.”  — Jazz Times

“She’s to the piano what Hendrix and Van Halen are to the guitar … Yeah, she’s that good.”  —All About Jazz

“She’s a genius that has it all … technical perfection, an interpretative sense, original concepts with musical phrasing, and an effortless ability to improvise. I think she’s one of the greatest artists to ever sit in front of a piano.”  —Bassist Anthony Jackson

“Solo after solo, she’s relentless. … She has so much reserve and so many ideas. … She’s amazing.” —Drummer Simon Phillips

You can view Hiromi in performance and in interviews on YouTube. Her discography includes the albums Alive, Move, Voice, and Place to Be—available through iTunes and other venues. We particularly like the first three albums which include music from her trio project with bassist Anthony Jackson and drummer Simon Phillips. Her DVDs include: Solo Live at Blue Note New York and Hiromi: Live in Marciac.

U.S. music enthusiasts on the East Coast can catch her performance this summer at the Newport Jazz Festival on August 1.

Be prepared for a thrill ride!

For more information: www.hiromimusic.com

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