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Irving Penn at the Met

Marlene Dietrich by Irving Penn

The largest retrospective ever of the works of photographer Irving Penn (1917-2009) has just opened in April, 2017 at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City on the occasion of the photographer’s centennial.  Penn is best known for the six decades he spent shooting for American Vogue. But his focus transcended fashion. He’s remembered for many additional bodies of work: portraits of celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn, Picasso, Truman Capote; nudes; the indigenous people of Peru; still lives of cigarettes; tribesmen from New Guinea, and much more. We’ve appreciated one of his more unusual nudes on our wall for years.

Co-curator Jeff Rosenheim said,  “What we see is that it was not just the images he was after, it was not just ink on paper, he was also a great printmaker who wanted to show physical objects that would be as extraordinary and sensuous as the images themselves.” The show is on through July 30.

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